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You might be curious to know, who the person behind this blog? Let me introduce myself.

My name is Miftahul Islam, but everyone knows me by my nickname Tarek. By profession, I’m an internet marketer with optimum SEO knowledge. SEO is my passion. Thus mates call me SEO Geek. I founded Rank Forever to spread my SEO knowledge.

If I’m not wrong, you are here to know what kind of activities we do in Rank Forever. Let me clear the vision of mine for creating Rank Forever. In my writing, I will disclose a bit about the purpose of Rank Forever and how you can be benefited using our blog.

I started my affiliate marketing journey three years ago, and In the meantime, I created more than 100 niche sites for my clients. Though I started my online career as Freelancer in 2012, but now I am working as full-time Affiliate Marketer.

Starting from 2012, I have worked in multiple marketplaces and physical companies as an employee. Interestingly, most of them were related to Internet Marketing, and all of my jobs helped me to enhance my SEO knowledge.

All of the companies I have worked is reputed both nationally and Internationally. Also, they are very dedicated on their duties. Devnet, Market Access and Marketever are some well-known companies where I worked physically. Among them, Marketever is vastly popular and considered as a giant in Niche Site Industry.

It was December 2016; I was very excited to start my portfolio company Rank Forever. I had huge experience in Marketever when I just left the job three months ago. All the environment was favorable for me, and I started Rank Forever.

At present we working some interesting project with Amazon Affiliate Marketing, SEO Research & Implementation & Android Apps Development  at Rank Forever. Basically, Rank Forever is a team of top-level marketers, developers, and designers.

Though, I started Rank Forever to share my personal SEO knowledges, Research and experiences. But Rank Forever is being a place of getting together for SEO lovers, where many SEO geeks are sharing their SEO knowledge as well.

As the founder of Rank Forever, I share lots of resources and SEO tricks almost every day. To learn SEO, Internet Marketing, and Android Development tricks, you can follow my social pages.

Rank Forever expects to build a strong online portfolio. We have successful Amazon Affiliate niche site projects and already we have some featured apps in play store. Team Rank Forever is rapidly increasing their presence both online and offline. 

Thanks for your query about Rank Forever, I appreciate it! If you have anything more to say or have any query, just mail us Don’t hesitate to contact with us physically or virtually.


Miftahul Islam


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