Essential Plugin List for WordPress Site

WordPress plugin is an important element of WordPress CMS (Content Management System ) that enhance good user experience of using WordPress. Installing WordPress plugin always helps you decorating your website comfortably. Most importantly plugins increase the performance of your website more than 90% so i listed complete wordpress plugin list .

Installing WordPress plugins helps to add some common features on your website that might not active on a newly developed website. In general words, if you want a feature that is absent on your website, then you have to install a plugin that offers similar features.

If I say WordPress is a canvas, then plugins are the color of your website that will help you decorating your website more conveniently. WordPress plugins increase the functionality of your website by integrating many different platforms like WooCommerce, bbPress, WPML & more.

Installing a small plugin will active multiple feature and functionality on your website that might save your time and money as well. If you hire a developer to develop online booking section on your website, he might charge 1000$ or more. But installing a free booking plugin can activate this feature on your website and save your money.

Security Precaution

Using an excessive number of the plugin can decrease your website loading speed. So avoid unwanted plugins and remove plugins when you are not using a specific plugins. If you know any new features of listed plugins, please comment below or contact us.

Top 21 Essential WordPress Plugins List

In this post, I will list some popular WordPress plugin that will increase your user experience a few times more. As an affiliate marketing expert, I will enlist some plugin that is helpful to Affiliate Marketers for the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purpose.

Mandatory Plugin

I Listed mandatory wordpress plugin list which is important for all type of wordpress sites. W3 Total Cache is important plugin for caching and loading speed optimization so this plugin needs for any type of wordpress site.

1. W3 Total Cache

w3 total cache

W3 Total Cache is a best Caching plugin that increases your website speed a few times more. This plugin has some remarkable advantages like loading your website quickly and helps to clean the caching memory to load your website quick using the new cache. This plugin minimizes the codes of your website and reduces image size so that your website loads fast.

When someone visits your website for the first time, everything will load from the internet. All important codes and images will save on his browser in the first visit. In the second visit, the website will load from saved cache, and this is the reason he will experience super fast loading speed.

2. Contact Form 7

contact form 7

To get an instant reaction from your readers, you must integrate Contact Form 7 plugin in your website. Installing Contact Form 7 is super easy and easy to use. You will get a shortcode to use. Copy and paste that shortcode in your contact page. This will display a fully functional contact form on your contact page.

3. WordPress Backup to Dropbox

wp backup to dropbox

To avoid unwanted data losing problem, you must use a plugin like WordPress Backup To Dropbox. Most of the website owner is worried about data protection. WordPress Backup to Dropbox is the most efficient plugin that can store your website backup on Dropbox.

After installing this plugin, you can set backup generating period. You can set daily, weekly or monthly backup period and your backup will update daily, weekly or monthly. You will get an email notification after every backup created.

4. Sucuri Security

sucuri security plugin

Sucuri is another security plugin for WordPress. If you hire a developer to develop your website, they might inject harmful code on your website. This happens often, and this is the reason I recommend you to use Sucuri plugin.

If you are using WordPress plugins from untrusted source, you must use Sucuri plugin. This will protect your website from harmful codes.

5. Wordfence Security


Most of the website owners are worried about website security. To protect your website from spamming and hacking, I can suggest you two different plugin that is specially made for security purpose.

Wordfence Security & Itheme Security are two essential plugins that will protect your data from being stolen. You can use any plugin from this two on your website to ensure website security.

Both plugins are favorite to me, but I prefer Wordfence Security plugin. Because this plugin can protect your website from brute force attack and notify you immediately using your admin email address.

You can watch real time visitor behavior from your dashboard, and this can prevent unusual login attacks as well.

6. Jetpack By WordPress

Jetpack is one of the essential website activity checking plugins, which is owned by WordPress. The main advantages of this plugin are you can check your website visitors activities including the number of visitors daily, weekly or monthly.


Moreover, You can check CRT (Click Through Rate) of the keyword & number of traffic you gained from Search Engine. Knowing the list of keywords, from which you are getting visitor will help you taking care of that specific keyword list and getting more visitors from them.

You can install Akismet WordPress plugin that is another important plugin developed by WordPress. This plugin helps to block spam comments and unexpected user behavior. You can easily stop robot login on your website that prevents hacking.

7. DMCA Protection

dmca protection

DMCA is a plugin that helps you protect your content and make it secure. If someone steals your content, you can report for copied content. DMCA works fine as my experience.

SEO Plugin

I Listed SEO plugin which is important for any  type of site SEO. Sometimes this type of plugin may change as user choice but I tried to show everything from an expert view.

1. Yoast SEO

In our top 21 plugins list, Yoast SEO is our first pick. Yoast SEO plugin is most popular and commonly used SEO plugin that helps you configuring your ON Page SEO properly. This plugin helps to setup Meta Tag, Meta Description, Sitemap & Robot Text as well.

yoast seo

You also get the opportunity to test your ON Page SEO score before you publish a page or post. You can give access to index your website on a search engine, or you can block indexing if you don’t want to index a specific page or post.

Unless having this amazing tool, you might face difficulties to setup them manually. But using Yoast SEO, you will get a complete package to set all SEO parameters on your website. Although there have few alternatives of this tool like ‘All In One SEO’ but I recommend you using Yoast SEO Plugin for its advanced features and regular updates.

Additionally, you will get advanced features like readability test, check keyword proximity and density as well. You can set SEO friendly URL for your page and post. Upgrading your package from free to paid membership helps you increase your website SEO score a few times more.

But this has some negative impacts as well. You will experience slow performance and this impact negatively on your user experience for its high loading speed. Also, you will get an unnecessary notification almost every day that is annoying sometimes.

2. WP Rocket

Website speed is an important SEO parameter that will impact positive or negative on your website SEO. WP Rocket is a paid plugin for WordPress that will boost your website speed. If you have a budget limitation, you can use speed booster like me. But I must say WP Rocket is the best option for increasing your website speed.

wp rocket

Though these plugins compress all images of your website, but image quality remains same in resolutions. This plugin works as an alternative of caching plugin like W3 Total Cache, WP Easy Cache, etc.

3. WP Smush

I already mentioned WP Rocket helps to increase your website speed. But WP Smush is a specially built plugin that helps to compress the images of your website only. A combination of WP Smush & WP Rocket can boost your website speed more than 90% than usual speed.

wp smush

If you are developing a website that has a huge number of images, you must use WP Smush Pro that can boost up your website speed 2x or more. Pro version also allows you to compress bulk images.

4. All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets

All In One Rich Snippet plugins help to display more precise information in search result like star rating, author data, address, phone number, etc. This helps to increase user experience and CTR.

all in one rich snipets

If you want to highlight any special information in search results like a phone number or email address, you have use Schema Data using this plugin.

5. Outbound Link Manager

To ensure better link juice among all of your website pages, you should use “ Outbound Link Manager ” plugins. Using this plugin, you can make all outbound links as nofollow. We only care about affiliate links, but all link go out from your website should be nofollow. In this case, Outbound Link Manager will help you.

6. Broken Link Checker

To ensure better search engine ranking, you must reduce the number of broken links on your website. But finding the broken link of a website is donkey task for many. Using Broken Link Checker plugin, you can easily identify broken the link that is indexed already or neutral.

Broken links increase the 404 not found pages that impact negatively on user experience. This is also harmful to search engine ranking. This is the reason behind I use and recommend you to use this plugin on your niche website.

UI & Navigation Plugin

This section I tried to list all type of User Interface and Navigation related plugin thats use in wordpress site.

1. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is another important plugin that helps you edit your website visually and add or delete content just doing drag-drop. This is a huge advantage for a non-technical person.

thrive content builder

You can make nothing to anything using Thrive architect plugins. If you use Thrive architect, you no need to hire a developer even you want to design your site simply. Using focus blog or any theme from Thrive Theme company, you can make stunning websites without any coding knowledge.

I use Focus Blog Theme + Thrive Theme Content Builder plugin to develop a gorgeous looking website for me & my clients.

2. Q2W3 Fixed Widget

You might notice Facebook has a sticky menu at the top of your browser. The menu of Facebook always remains in the same position. As like Facebook menu, if you want to stick anything in any position, you can use this awesome plugin to do so.

q2 w3 fixed widget

You can use this plugin to stick a widget in a special position, and you can add any text Message, Image or Video on that section. This helps to increase user experience and helps you decorating your website more conveniently.

3. TablePress

Using a table to compare related data in your website is trending now a days. Most of the niche website owner is using a table to display all necessary data together. In a recent research, experts found that using a table in an article can increase affiliate sales, more than 70%.

table press

Tablepress is a responsive WordPress plugin that displays your data in all devices properly. This plugin has three different mode - Flip mode, Horizontal mode & Scroll mode.

You can also use GoPricing plugins instead of TablePress. But I recommend TablePress for its amazing features and ease of use.

4. Scroll to Top

According to Neil Patel (A legend internet marketer) long content rank quickly. Most of the website owner is posting long content on their website so that their content easily rank on search engine and they get a good number of visitor on their website.

scroll to top

But reading a long content is annoying sometimes. This is the reason people use the table of content at the top of the content. But reaching the top by scrolling is annoying as well. To increase user experience, you can use Scroll To Top plugins in your website.

Scroll To Top WP plugins helps your reader reaching at the top of your article, just using a small button at the down-right corner of your website.

5. Short Code Ultimate

Using Short Code Ultimate plugins saves your time when you are developing your website. Suppose you created a button and you have to use similar button multiple times. You can create a shortcode using this plugin and just use your shortcode whenever you need.

Nothing can be more convenient! Right?

You can easily create a call to action button, heading style, font style, image order style and more, just using this simple plugin.

Social Plugin

Social Plugin mainly social share and social media marketing related plugin. This section will help you about what social plugin you should use and what social plugin feature perfect for your website.

1. Sumo me

Adding social sharing button on your website helps to increase social signal easily. Positive social signal boosts your SEO and helps you ranking your website quickly.

You know, no one copy a website address to paste it manually on their timeline. If you add social sharing button, they will share your post using that button, if they find it useful.

social icon

Sumo me is the most suitable tool to share a post on different social networks. You can use this tool to add a social share button on any website. Another significant benefit of this plugin is counting the number of social shares. Every single share will be counted besides that specific social icon.

2. Pinterest Pin It Button

Most of the website owner knows that Pinterest is a strongest social media platform for image sharing and there has huge possibility to get a good number of visitors from Pinterest to your website.

Adding pin it button on images helps your visitors to share your images easily on their Pinterest account. They can save your image on their board using “Pinterest Pin It Button” plugin.


Now a days affiliate marketing is trendy topics and amazon affiliate marketing is top sector for affiliate marketer. This section for amazon affiliate marketer and I will add all type of affiliation plugin in future.


easy azon

If you are working as Amazon affiliate marketers, you must know the name of Easy Azon plugin. This plugin helps to implement affiliate code on post links dynamically using Amazon API (Application Program Interface). But this plugin is paid, and you have to purchase a premium membership if you want to use.

This plugin have also free version with limited features. So if you want to taste before purchase you can check here.

Note: You need not to install all plugins I listed here. I listed all popular and important plugins that we need for various purpose. You can only install plugins that is required for your website.

Now your turn to Install all essential plugin for your wordpress site. Remember it all plugin we discussed on wordpress plugin list post is not essential for all site. If you have blog site you consider some plugin essential otherhand if your site is corporate site you should have consider some another plugin for install so just read again and install all.

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