How To Install WordPress As Beginner – Complete Guide

In case you don’t know what WordPress is! Let’s review few point and feature of WordPress before we start talking how to install WordPress. WordPress is most common and vastly used CMS (Content Management System ) that helps you creating a website from scratch. To create or maintain a WordPress, you don’t need any coding knowledge.

More than 25% website owner use WordPress platform to build their website, because of it’s convenient content management system. If I compare the management system, it’s kinda like similar to Facebook account management. You can write your thoughts, upload image or video from your facebook wall section. Alike Facebook, if you develop your website using WordPress, this will help you manage every single element just doing drag and drop. No coding knowledge is required to operate a WordPress website.

Understanding the basic feature always impact positively on your WordPress learning process. WordPress has all necessary feature and functionality available to build a dynamic website from scratch. You can create business website, personal portfolio Website, e-commerce website, Project management website or any website that exists on the web.

Few Terms You Should Know Before WordPress Installation

CMS ( Content Management System ):

You will often hear the word CMS or Content Management System. Any kind of web elements like text, audio, video, and images are considered as content. When you share an article or post an image on your website, basically you post text or image content on your website. People think – he needs huge programming knowledge to post content on a website. But the fact is a CMS like WordPress give you the opportunity to manage your website just doing drag and drop.

Control Panel Or Dashboard:

When you register a website from a company, they provide you a control panel. Using a login ID and Password, you can access that control panel to setup and manage your website. You can decorate your website from this control panel.

content management system

And dashboard is another term that also kind of like the control panel. When you install WordPress CMS from your control panel, this helps you manage your website from WordPress dashboard. You can Install WordPress from Cpanel one-click install. See this image below step by step.

Theme Install:

Theme or Template is a style or layout for a CMS. You will notice every single website is different from others. Few website has a full-width image, where few other websites are using moving image or slider in the header section. This happens because of different type of WordPress theme. When a developer develops a WordPress theme, he designs a layout and code for his layout design. When you install a WordPress theme, you get that layout installed on your WordPress website.

Plugins Installation And Setup Process:

Plugins are the most interesting element of WordPress that saves your valuable time of coding. You don’t need to write codes for hours to add a specific feature on your website. Just install plugins, and this will activate the feature in a minute.


To get a visitor to your website, you need proper ON Page SEO. But doing ON Page SEO manually is hard, and you have to write a massive number of code using different programming language. Using WordPress SEO plugins reduce 99% work of writing code for ON Page SEO.

You just need to install an SEO plugin to add SEO feature on your website. Widgets also add extra advantage on your website. Doing drag-drop, you can easily add any widget on your website, and it’s a matter of moment.

To install any plugins, just go to Plugins section from WordPress dashboard. From this section, you can easily add your favorite plugin, or you can upload a custom plugin as well.

Manage Design:

You can decorate your WordPress website design as like you want. After installing the theme, you can customize your WordPress theme easily. Using appearance option from WordPress dashboard, you can easily decorate your website.

steve jobs quote

From appearance, you can change everything like theme, font, color and more. Using CSS code, you can get expected design easily.

Widget Management:

Using widget option you can easily maintain the surroundings of your website. What you want to see beside your main content, you can set from widget section. Even you can set the widget for header and footers as well. You don’t need to learn any extra coding. If you want to display relevant articles in the right sidebar, just drag-drop “relevant article” widget on that place.

Navigation Setup:

You can easily change and update your WordPress website navigation. It’s just a matter of click that where you want to place the menu and what elements you want to add on it.

Post and Page Management:

From the WordPress dashboard you can easily post anything using the post options. You can modify anything of a post and update a page as well. For posts and pages, you can easily add meta tags, meta descriptions, and select specific categories. Page or post, everything you can update just like Microsoft Word files and it's totally hassling free.

If you are following the above text, you have learned about 50% WordPress. Now let me show you, how to set up a complete WordPress website step by step.

How To Install WordPress Using Mojo Marketplace:

A large number of hosting providers uses Mozo Marketplace for its amazing one-click installation service. You can easily setup WordPress using their one-click installation service. We will discuss step by step process below. We will use BlueHost hosting to setup WordPress.

From your Bluehost cPanel, scroll down a bit, and you will find “One Click Install/WordPress Install”. Click on that option to start WordPress installation.


Now, you will find two option, “Install New Scripts” and “Manage My Installs”. You just click on “Install New Scripts” button and move forward.


In this stage, from the drop-down option select your domain name. To finalize your WordPress installation, fill up site name, username, password, email and a demo theme.


Then click to install button and wait for few moment to complete your WordPress installation process.


You will get a success notification when installation is complete, and your login details will be functional then. You have to save login access for the future.


How To Install WordPress Using Softaculous:

Basically, SiteGround, Inmotion, and few similar hosting provider use softaculous service. Softaculous is an auto WordPress Installation Script that provides an opportunity to set up WordPress easily.

how to install wordpress

When you log in to cPanel and scroll down, you will notice the name “WordPress Installer/Softaculous”. You will get these in the auto-installer section. When you click on any of the two, you will be taken to the installation page.

how to install wordpress

When you click on install option, a drop-down will appear with http:// or http://www. You can choose anyone from these two. If you want to use SSL, then you have to select, https:// or https://www. You can choose either protocol.

how to install wordpress

Then from the drop-down menu, you have to select the domain name. If you want to setup WordPress in the root directory, then you have to keep the directory section blank. Just a little below you will notice the site settings.

how to install wordpress

In site setup section, you have to fill up all the information properly. You can change any data later, but you must stay careful to provide a correct email address and secure login data.

how to install wordpress

After completing everything, click on install, WordPress will be installed in a little while and you will able to access on it. Save the login details for future use.

how to install wordpress

How To Install WordPress Using FTP Service:

Manually WordPress installation does not take much time, but there have some complex steps that you can mistake. Steps are given below:

For doing so, you must need FTP client and the latest version of WordPress file. In the initial stage, you have to unzip the file using FTP client and upload it to public_html of your root domain.

install wordpress ftp

After uploading the WordPress files, you have to create a database in your hosting.

Alike below image, you will see Mysql Database in your cPanel, and you have to create the database from this area.

database create ftp
databse create ftp

After completing the database task, you have to go in URL where you are setting up the WordPress. Then you will notice “Language Select” option like below option.


After selecting the language, you will notice another “let’s go” option.


If you click on let’s go option, then you will need the information added in the database. If you provide correct database information, then you will find “Run the install” option.


You have to provide site name and login information. After filling up all necessary information, your WordPress setup will be completed. Now you can log in to your WordPress dashboard.

wordpress install ftp

Things To Do After Installing The WordPress:

When setup is complete, you have to choose theme and plugins that you like. Then you have to customize them and using the settings you can decorate your website. What I discussed above, you have to study carefully.

I’ve tried to explain the whole process very easily. I hope you understand the whole process properly. Don’t forget to comment if you didn’t understand anything in my writing.

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