20 Simple ON Page SEO Techniques

To ensure better user-experience, search engine always brings changes in their algorithm. Giant search engine Google had some major changes in their algorithm in recent few years. Last three years, starting from 2014, they made some major changes, and the process is continuous. If you are an SEO fox, you have to be very keen & strenuous about ON Page Optimization.

You have to enrich your knowledge about updated SEO parameters to ensure the best SEO for your website. As search engine algorithm is rapidly changing, you can not hold your ranking with low-quality content or doing keyword stuffing.

As a vast amount of quality content is indexing in searching, you have to be careful about your website content. Not only the content! But also the use of meta tag and title. In this article, I will give general concept about Twenty ON Page SEO parameters that you must maintain.

Quality Content

In web cloud, there has a vast amount of information. So you have to understand, what are the reasons that will tell Google to consider your content as high-quality content?

Let me explain – first of all don’t think about Google! Google loves visitor or traffic, so write for your traffic. Try to make visitor experience good on your website. Write content on a topic that your visitors like.

Content king- Rank forever

To ensure content quality, Google is pretty much careful. Most of the affected websites by Google algorithm updates are some inferior websites that had low-quality content. There has no specific roadmap about quality content, but you have to Intromit a vast amount of relevant information and use your common sense.

Media Rich Content

Only text content can’t hold the concentration of your visitors for a long time. So you must create media rich content that has enough graphic element like image and video.

Your visitors always feel comfortable and spend time on your website, if your website has nice graphics that a text rich website can’t!

The video is the richest media and a combination of text, audio, and images that can enrich your content.To keep your visitors concentrated on your website, try to embed enough number of video and insert a certain number of images.

Post Long Content

Google always likes a long post. In the long post you can discuss in details, so you must cover a topic with a conclusion. The reason behind searching engine likes long content is your visitors get all necessary information in the same place.

Most of the time you will notice, long content gets higher priority in ranking by the search engine. Many believe, search engine predicts long content has high potential on it and rank them with high priority.

Use of Keyword in URL

Using the keyword in Title and URL are considered as a most important ranking factor. Try to keep the title short and attractive. Make sure the URL of a specific post is also relevant.

You must optimize your URL with importance as it’s also visible in the search result. You should focus on your keyword and make sure your title and URL matches with the keyword.

Keyword in url

You can easily change the URL from your WordPress dashboard.

Meta Description Optimization

In recent days, the meta description is also known as a snippet. To increase your website ranking and CTR, meta description plays a vital role. Thus you have to choose the meta description with extra care to make it short, simple & attractive.

meta description optimize

Try to write the meta description in limited characters set by the search engine and ensure that you listed your keyword in meta description as well.

Nofollow & Dofollow Link Ratio

The ratio of nofollow and dofollow link in your website should be proportional. When you are linking low-quality or untrusted websites on your website, make sure they are nofollow and link any authority or trustful website as dofollow. While linking your own website link, as an internal link, make sure they are dofollow.

Keep Duplicate Pages NoIndex

If there has any duplicate page in your website, use “noindex” tag on one page. Indexing a duplicate page can bring copied content issue on your website, and this can impact negatively on your website.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is most important fact for modern SEO. So you should be very careful about internal-linking. Internal linking is a term that refers; you are linking one content of your website to another content of the same website. Internal linking makes a flow that passes link juice and helps to increase the authority of your website.

Internal link

Image Optimization

We often notice few images of our website loads very slowly that increase the loading time of the whole website. The user of your website can’t see the images properly. Proper optimization of the image decreases the loading time of image and website that ensure better user-experience.

smush plugin use

Use wp smush plugin for optimize all image by a single plugin. It's main speciality, it can compress your all images within a single click. Just install smush plugin and compress images from click compress button.

Using ALT Tag

Use alt tag when you are uploading an image. We know search engines are visually blind, they read the source code of your website. From alt tag, they understand image topic. If you don’t use alt tag, then your images will not appear in image search result, even your image is important for visitors. So you will not receive any visitor from Google Image Search.

alt text use

Install Yoast Plugin

Yoast SEO plugin can reduce your hard work more than 80% of doing ON Page SEO. This plugin makes your work easier than before. Submitting the sitemap or robot text; all you can do from the same place. To ensure best ON Page SEO, you must setup this plugin properly.

Reduce Website Loading Speed

The response of your visitors depends on site loading speed. Fast loading speed can reduce the bounce rate of your website. From a recent research, we knew websites with 4 seconds or higher loading time experience 60% bounce rate. To reduce loading time, you can use a caching plugin, optimize your images and minimize the java, HTML and CSS codes.

speed boost rank forever

Block Spam Comments

If you are a webmaster, you must know a huge number of spam comments we receive every day. Most of the spam comments are promotional that is not useful for your readers. So block this types of comment. If you approve excessive spam comments, then your website might be considered as a spammy website by the search engine.

spam comment

Install Akismet plugin for block all spam comments. Akismet is WordPress owned plugin that block your spam comment and secure your website security. You can use premium and free service of this plugin. Install Akismet plugin synced it with wordpress.com and enjoy spam comment free dashboard and secure your site then before.

Social Share Button

You must insert social share button in every page so that your readers can easily share your post. Make sure your social button has all common social platform included. Social signals can boost your SEO a few times more.

Add Table of Content

Using the table of content can be a trump card for your website that provides a multi-dimensional experience to your visitors. Additionally, Google can read your data without any difficulty. Table of content will increase the CTR of your website a few times more in a decent manner.

Nowadays Google displays some important information using a snippet, so that visitor gets their expected information easily. This is known as rich snippet as well. Using a table of content will help you to display your website content in Google rich snippet area.

Table of content

Use of H2 & H3 Tag

You should use H2 & H3 tag in your content. Because proper use of heading tag make your website more search engine friendly. Though few people think, use of H2 & H3 is not important. But this can impact positively in your website ranking.

Search engine gets clear conception about your keyword from heading tags.

Use Responsive Theme

Make sure your website is responsive & fits on any device. A responsive website increases the user experience a few times more. In recent days, the uses of small devices like smartphone & tablet increased at a noticeable rate. Most of the visitor comes from this type of small screen devices nowadays. If your website is not responsive, this will impact negatively and increase bounce rate of your website.

A mobile browser can’t display non-responsive website properly. So you must use a responsive theme to ensure better user-experience in mobile browsers.

Use Schema

Competition between SEO experts and marketers increased at a noticeable rate to display their own website in rich snippet. Rich snippet always diverts a massive amount of traffic to a website. This is the reason behind marketers are very much careful about it, and they always try to grab rich snippet position as well.

rich snippet

Schema helps to display rich snippet, star rating and some other important information as well. Though the use of schema seems critical to many people, but the use of “All In One Schema” plugin make this very easy for WordPress users.

Using this plugin, you can easily display rich snippet, star rating and some other important information in Google search result snippet.

Use Updated Content

Update your content as much as possible. Google will consider your ranking if they get updated information on your website. Keep your website neat & clean along with updated content so that your traffic understand each & everything properly.

Adding relevant content while updating your old content is a best practice. Relevant content can impact extensively in your keyword ranking.

Manage Outbound Links

Outbound linking is the most important way to increase site value. Search engine predicts, outbound links are your data resource that also indicates how much authoritative your website is. You should maintain a ratio between inbound and outbound links.

You must link authority site while linking any external link. You should not link your competitors as an outbound link. If you link your competitors, they will be much stronger. Linking search engine trusted website as the outbound link is a best practice.

Final Verdict

You should deal ON Page SEO carefully as this impacts on your ranking. Every single point discussed above is important for ON Page SEO. So you have to apply each & every point on your website, and you will notice the change yourself.

ON Page SEO & Link Building is most important part of SEO. So I strongly recommend completing your ON Page SEO before you start link building. If you can complete ON Page SEO factors properly, then you are 50% ahead at your duty.

Now your turn – check your website using all ON Page SEO factor listed above. If you notice any imbalance, fix it. If you didn’t understand anything in my post, comment below. I am eagerly waiting for your valuable opinion.​

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